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Walkout Rancher Homes for Sale in Kelowna

When looking for walkout Rancher homes for sale in Kelowna, you will be sure to take notice of Sunset Ranch. Each home is built on sloped land allowing each property to have its own panoramic view because it is positioned above the one below it. Each home is ‘front-loaded’ meaning all homes face in the same direction, providing maximum privacy and separation for each resident in the neighbourhood.

Walkout rancher means you enter your home and property on the street level. Through the front door or garage, you enter your home with no walking upstairs to access your main living area. Each layout has been arranged so your main living space, great room, dining room, master bedroom and the deck is at the back of your home allowing you, the owner, to take advantage of the never-ending views. If your lot has a home below you, we can ensure it will be built just like yours, allowing a road in front of your home for you to access your property and a road behind/below you, for them to access their property. When you look down you will see the quiet front of that neighbour’s home because they will also be going to the back of their home for their living and to enjoy their view. This means you will not look onto the living space of the neighbour below, and their main living space will not be looking up at you enjoying yours.

Walkout ranchers allow for a personalized lower level. They are above ground at the back of your home where you can walk out and utilize your yard. The large windows make it feel like you are not in a basement. This style of home allows for a full basement with the same square footage on the main floor as the lower. It is up to you how you want to design that space and make it yours. 

You may want to call the style of home something other than walk out rancher, but for us here at Sunset Ranch, walkout rancher means the best style for practical, functional and optimal living.

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Sunset Ranch is a meticulously planned gated community building new homes in Kelowna, BC.

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