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Holmes Approved

What Does it mean to have a mike holmes approved home?

The concept is simple, the things you don’t see in a home are more important than the things you do. Addressing these details during construction will save you time, trouble, and money. 

A Holmes approved home means that there is quality construction, even when you can’t see it. Holmes approved gives you the confidence that your new home build, has been built right.

What does the Holmes Approved Homes Program include?

Better Inspections

Our homes all go through a series of home inspections performed by an approved Mike Holmes Inspector. Which will give you the confidence to know there is quality and value under your walls.

Because of the Mike Holmes Inspection program, you will always get an unbiased, third party opinion ensuring you that Acorn Homes are built right.

The Best Techniques

Our team is always learning the best techniques that have been proven to protect your investment for years to come. Not only will your home look great, but you can rest assured that it will stay that way.

A Healthier Home

Every home has a final inspection to ensure that all of the safer, healthier, more durable materials we use were properly installed. Everything from the floor you walk on to the HVAC and water purification systems are thoroughly examined.

What does the Holmes Approved Homes Program mean for me?

Because of the Holmes Approved Program, you know that Acorn Communities uses the right building products with the right technologies. You will have the peace of mind that the new home you are buying will be built with the right building practices that go beyond residential standards, from construction to the final inspection.

Simply put, you will not find a better-built home in the Okanagan than an Acorn Communities Home that has gone through the rigorous Holmes Inspection every step of the way. A better-built home means a better investment for you.

Acorn Homes want you to have the peace of mind that your home was built right the first time and that it was built with trust, integrity and a commitment to Make It Right®.