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About Acorn Communities

Our Philosophy

Acorn Communities commits itself to excellence in the building industry by providing innovative solutions, uncompromising quality, the latest technology, exceptional design and professional service.

We are caring people who value integrity and family. We each give our very best effort to serve others, in our work, community and abroad.

We aspire to provide more than just a well-built home. We strive to maintain an enjoyable working relationship with everyone – sub trades, suppliers, fellow workers and customers alike.

To grow as a company, we realize it is imperative for each of us to continue to grow personally so that we can excel in customer satisfaction, product leadership and operational excellence. We are committed to doing whatever it takes to accomplish these goals without compromise.

Giving Back to Communities

At Acorn, we are mindful of the needs of others. Acorn partners with numerous community-based charitable organizations and events. One effort we’ve adopted and hold particularly close to our hearts is Las Golondrinas, a charitable cause for orphaned children in Mexico.

Las Golondrinas – Colima, Mexico

‘Golondrinas’ is the Spanish word for swallows. Swallows are very persistent little birds – they adapt and thrive despite difficult circumstances. The Las Golondrinas project was formed to help the growing number of Mexican children who have lost their parents.

Currently, Las Golondrinas consists of an operating children’s home, called Casa Famoso. Casa Famoso accommodates nine orphans, with seven of them from the Famoso family. The house parents, Cathia and Fernando, have three children of their own. With Las Golondrinas’ support, they are able to care for their new family of twelve.

Unlike the institutional atmosphere in an orphanage, the Las Golondrinas project endows its children with a sense of belonging, the security of a home and a family with a foundation of Christian principles. Its mandate is to provide children in need with a regular lifestyle in a caring, family-style structure.

Las Golondrinas operates as a special project within Hope for the Nations (www.hopeforthenations.com), a registered charity based in Kelowna, B.C. Canada, and a church-based organization in Mexico called Grupo de Amour.

Every year, volunteers from Acorn take teams to the city of Colima, Mexico, to help with the children and to build another children’s home. If you are interested in joining one of those teams, please contact us at [email protected] or visit the Las Golondrinas Facebook page.

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