Acorn’s construction division is geared toward light commercial and residential construction. At Acorn, we understand cost engineering because we build for our own company as well as for others. Our construction team has over 50 years of experience in a broad cross section of construction specialties, ranging from custom homes to multimillion-dollar contracts.


West Avenue Lofts in Kelowna. The 4 ½ storey building consists of 36 suites and is ideally located in an upmarket area that is experiencing steady re-growth.

Happy Creek Estates in Hinton, Alberta. Acorn was contracted for pre-construction services across all disciplines including design, cost engineering and permitting. Subsequently, we entered into a fixed-price construction contract for this 53,000 square foot, 47 suite apartment and town home building. This project included many energy efficient systems, including geothermal heating, drain water heat recovery and heat recovery ventilation.

Sunset Ranch Reservoir and Booster Pump System. Acorn has also undertaken major concrete works, such as the expansion of the reservoir at Sunset Ranch, Kelowna, BC. This million-dollar project was handled in-house, where we managed the entire design and construction process including all costing and on-site works. This included full implementation of equipment with commissioning and documentation, such as full sets of user manuals for the new pump house and reservoir expansion.


At Acorn we pride ourselves on being COMPLETELY FLEXIBLE and sensitive to our clients’ needs.

We can provide general contracting, design-build and construction management services anywhere in Western Canada.

Energy efficiency is becoming an integral part of responsible construction. We actively provide cost engineering to maximize value and efficiency. You will find that at Acorn, we are proud of our track record. We strive for quality balanced with productivity and timely completion of our projects, and we hold our relationships with clients in high regard.

Whether you need a renovation, construction of a custom home or construction services for a major project, we want to help.


Happy Creek Estates – Hinton AB

Reservoir Expansion – Sunset Ranch

West Avenue Lofts – Kelowna, BC


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