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Lake View Penthouse Units are Condo Living Without Compromise

Lake view Penthouse living is a lifestyle at its finest. With a top floor unit all to yourself with unobstructed views, it’s hard not to feel like you own a part of the sky.

Granite at McKinley offers lake view Penthouse units like none other in the Okanagan. Penthouse lifestyle is a little more flashy, yet secluded and away from the rest of the building. As you press the top floor in the elevator it comes with a sense of premium status. You have arrived. Whether that be your summer vacation unit, your starter home, or contemporary family space, Granite at McKinley offers you the penthouse that others dream of owning.

Entering the open concept unit your breath is immediately taken away by the floor to ceiling windows offering extended natural light throughout as you set your eyes upon the never-ending mountain and lake views. From every angle, you are met with the unobstructed views that fade from the lake to the sky. From everywhere you look, nothing and no one can interrupt it. Penthouse lifestyle offers more privacy than any other unit. It is on the top floor, no unit can look down upon you or share the space next door allowing the feeling of complete seclusion. Being at the top also means less noise from the road below, and no neighbours to look in your windows. Its high ceilings and luxury finishing’s make it feel like you are on vacation every time you open the door.

Penthouse seclusion within the walls is only the beginning. Outside you have an extra-large rooftop patio that extends living from within to outside. Panoramic views of Okanagan Lake sets the stage for enjoying life in the clouds. With ample outdoor space how you design it is truly up to you. Hot tub, private garden, lounging or even an outdoor kitchen and bar, you can have it all at your one of a kind, penthouse.

Penthouse investment is worth every penny. The lifestyle and the elite status that associates with it means there is always someone looking should you ever decide to sell. Not every building offers a penthouse and the premium style of living is ideal for resale. The apartment that stands out, is one of a kind and has a stunning view that’s timeless means it never really depreciates. That’s if you ever decide to give up your haven and piece of tranquillity in the clouds.

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