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Golf Front and Center

Thinking about living on a golf course and wondering if it is for you? Let’s address four pros of property ownership with a golf course as your view. 

### Atmosphere
Addressing the first and most apparent is the atmosphere of your surrounding area. Golf is a quiet and calm sport that heightens the surrounding area’s serene and peaceful environment. You don’t have to worry about noise as golf is friendly and relaxing in how the sport is enjoyed.

### Landscape
Golf courses are esthetically beautiful, with fairways, ponds, fountains and manicured grass. The landscape external to your property will elevate the feeling within yours. As guests enter your home, the views they are met with are breathtaking, creating an ambiance within your home. The aesthetics of the golf course can be refreshing for residents as they can enjoy beautiful flower beds and fresh greenery. With views of the green, the maintained course creates a resort-like feeling for surrounding homeowners. 

### Neighbours
It is likely you and your neighbours will have lots in common. Those who lean towards golf course communities are typically golf enthusiasts themselves. This commonality is beneficial in creating a sense of community on and off the course.

### Free Entertainment
Homeowners enjoy watching the sport from their deck and personal property. It allows them some light entertainment from the comfort of their home. Often residents will participate by watching their friends play the sport. With no houses in front of your property, enjoying the game without being on the course yourself is easy.

Whether you are an avid golfer or aspire to be, living steps from the green benefits your property and your enjoyment of life. With the newest phase at Sunset Ranch being built with a view of the sixth hole, we are confident that the location plus lifestyle will appease many. 

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