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Pros to Purchasing at a Ski Resort

Are you considering purchasing at Big White but unsure if there is an annual benefit? We understand purchasing at a ski resort isn’t the same as buying a new home within your community or building on that lot you have been saving for years. Generally, there seems to be a sense of unknowns that leaves buyers hesitant to purchase.

Let’s touch on a few areas to help ease your mind before signing the papers.

We know that the views are definite. The views are not going anywhere. You can stand confident in the knowledge that people love the mountain so much because it feels like you are somewhere new. Feeling on top of the world is an ambience that cannot be replaced and is not going anywhere. The lifestyle draw that brings people to the mountain for the sport they love is also a constant. When deciding to purchase a property at a resort, it is important to have spent time there, learning about the area’s history and understanding the security of the business around it. Big White is Canada’s Favourite Family resort, and you can rest assured that its growing business is only more of a reason for you to purchase while you can.

Most ski resorts, Big White included, are small-knit communities. Whether you decide to reside in your property full time or use it as an investment, the community at large is not all that large. This allows you to know what is happening on the hill, understand what to expect and get connected with people who are much like yourself. Becoming connected will also keep you informed of the ever-changing dynamics of the mountain and recognize the opportune time to sell or purchase more properties.

Purchasing at Big White also cuts down on your commute. With uncertain weather conditions having a place on top of the mountain allows you the freedom to enjoy your sport of choice at your leisure without the added drive. Owning at Big White simplifies your winter hobby, having easy access to the slopes and adding convenience to your life. 

With a well-established business that big White has created, you can rest assured that the amenities and lifestyle are not going anywhere. Each year is predictable and guaranteed. Even with the fluctuation of the market, ski resorts sit on their own because the draw to the area is not going anywhere. With an investment at a resort, you can decide to use it for family convenience or a rental when you are away and it can even be a long-term retirement plan.

The options are endless when buying at Big White; you can use it as an investment with a plan to live in it later, wait for the market to rise and sell it while it’s hot, use it throughout the season as your spot to cut down on your commute or live in it all year long. Your decision may even change depending on the year and what it holds. Feel confident in property owning at a ski resort, knowing your money is invested into a secure business community that naturally brings people to its location annually to enjoy the great outdoors, the mountain and the views – something that isn’t going anywhere.

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