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New Homes in Kelowna With a Quicker Turnaround Time

Often used in a much different situation than those of homes, and often with a saddened meaning.

When you hear the word orphan at sunset ranch, you need to know that it is positive for you. Orphan townhomes are the other side of a property that has already been built with one side of the townhouse being owned by someone. An orphan is the other side of the property that has no owner. It is an orphan waiting to de adopted!

But how is this positive for you?

First, the property is already in the queue for construction. You see someone has done the work before you, hopefully, your very new best neighbour. They have picked the lot, the exterior, the style and layout. You get to come in with all the time-consuming elements taken care of and know your home will be built faster than if you were about to start from scratch today.

Second, you often get to see it first. You can walk through your home and change things before it happens on your side. Some Orphans have a finished home attached to them allowing you to see the finished product and customise your side of the property to suit your needs.

Third, if you purchase one of our orphans now in the middle of our winter, it means because your build is already being completed, you will be moving in during nice weather. Looking forward to a summer move in, enjoying the perks of your brand-new home to its full potential and not waiting for the snow to melt.

Fourth, you still get to make it your own. While the move-in date is sooner than a brand-new build, and the groundwork has already been started, you still get to customize your space to make it your own. From tile, cupboards, soaker tubs, and the number of bedrooms the choice is yours. Always dreamt of granite countertops? No worries, that’s for you to choose and place the finishing touches in your custom home.

Fifth and most importantly, savings in money. Acorn’s Orphans are always more attractively priced than a new home contracted from scratch.

Orphans are a great way to cut out some of the work. As long as you love the exterior and general layout, the rest is yours to make your own.

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Sunset Ranch is a meticulously planned gated community building new homes in Kelowna, BC.

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