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Why Purchase an attached Home makes more sense.

Does the word duplex or attached home discourage you from looking further? 

We get it. It may not be for everyone. However, it may be worth a little research and understanding before completely passing off the idea. 

With single-family homes becoming an anomaly, you will notice in and around the Okanagan a surge of developments offering a variety of attached living-style properties. 

Our Sunset Ranch development has always offered attached and detached homes at Acorn Communities. It is without question that our attached properties are popular. 

What is the appeal, and why does it seem that our communities gravitate toward this home type? Let’s break it down for better understanding. 

The homes at Sunset Ranch are new builds, each property customized to you and your needs. The style and layout of your home are not limited based on the fact that your home is attached to someone else’s. It opens up more possibilities as the land cost becomes more affordable. To be clear, this does not mean you’re sharing your land; the builder can maximize where the home sits within lot lines and remove unnecessary setbacks along one side of the property. Eliminating the need to pay for land that you are unable to use. 

The biggest misconception about attached homes is that they are smaller than single-family properties.  Let’s clear the air once and for all – this is a false accusation. You do not simply compromise living space or square footage by being attached to another home. At Acorn Communities, you can pick the exact layout of a property for a single-family home or an attached. These choices indicate that the square footage of your home is not compromised when purchasing a connected home. Whether you require a 2-bedroom or a 4-bedroom house, or you wish for a man cave, a theatre room, or an extended ensuite, the layout of your home is up to you. 

While discussing individualized homes, let’s touch on the topic of sharing a wall with your neighbour. A common question we receive is the worry of noise travelling between homes. This worry comes from the traditional wood-built homes and buildings where a crack in the floor leads to sound travel and fear of conversations transferring between dwellings. Modern technology has come a long way in building firewalls and ensuring the comfort of individual homeowners. The only attached portion of the home is the exterior walls and the roof. This dead space causes noise travel to dissipate before it ever reaches the neighbours. We promise there is minimal sound travel. We believe the best way to ease your mind is to speak to one of our attached property owners. They have the most reliable and accurate testimonials. 

You should know that privacy within your home is important to us. We design our properties to allow for privacy inside and outside your home. We recommend where your deck should stop and start to enable privacy between your neighbour’s bedroom windows. We will also advise which layout will complement the other property. If you need to sit on your deck every evening in your robe, we will guide you to the property that will fit with your neighbours.

People who travel frequently may find living in an attached home convenient. The seamless design provides the illusion to outsiders that someone is always home or, at the least, someone close by, even if your property is vacant. 

You can rest assured that the community will care for your yard, providing a seamless, streamlined look between both properties. The attached properties at Sunset Ranch fall under strata to ensure this is maintained. Living under the strata guidelines gives you peace of mind and your neighbours on the same level.

We encourage you to consider an attached home if you are shopping for a new property, we encourage you to consider the attached one. Visit our showhome at Sunset Rance and learn more about this style of living. We guarantee that you will be surprised by what we can offer.

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